Balu & teachers


Practicing with a will to reach a goal can make you some days disappointed, some days happy. Practicing just to enjoy the moment will always make you feel good an let your body open up in it´s natural pace.

 Assistant teachers

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Dajung Jung

Country: South Korea

City: Ulsan

Years: 2010-14


 Daniela Schuttimage

Country: Sweden

City: Eskilstuna

Years: 2009-14

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Christina Omana

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Years: 2012-14

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Christophe Layet

Country: USA

City: New York

Years: 2011-14

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Raul Rodrigues

Country: Spain

City: Madrid

Years: 2012-13

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Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

Years: 2013-14



IMG 0534In the yoga shala and in life we grow with each other. Every season we meet here again as a family. Thank you for allowing me to be your teacher and also for teaching me. Where ever we are we do our best. Like Phoenix we feel free to enjoy every moment as it comes.
You are always welcome
/Balu, Goa, India